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Executive Recruiting

For over 20-years we have been helping contractors and construction material suppliers with their entire executive recruiting in the Denver area.

While most construction company’s needs are in the supervisory and middle manager positions (and today the skilled labor!), we can also help with those difficult to fill executive-level needs, as well.

We prefer to stay in the local Denver area for our search and recruiting, but typically for the higher-level positions we will have to expand outside the area.

Our process is the same for all of the positions we recruit for in the industry. It doesn’t matter the level of the positions you are seeking, because it’s the same process to us.

Our process:

Identify the companies your firm competes with, in the area you want this person to be located, source out the people within those firms that doe exactly what you are looking for, and start recruiting them on a confidential basis.

100% of the candidates you see from our firm will be gainfully employed and doing exact positions in the greater Denver area (unless you specify another market). Typically, we would start local and branch out little by little until we find the right person for your firm.

Once we identify the candidates we do preliminary background checks and verify their salary before we present them to your firm. We want to make sure these candidates have good track records and have the right “cultural fit” for your firm.

We will assist you throughout the process and even help you secure the candidates all the way to the offer and acceptance. But, our services do not stop there, we guarantee our candidates for a period of one-year. If they should leave before one year we will replace that candidate.

It can be very difficult and challenging to fill a senior-level position on your staff. There is nothing worse then to be caught off guard with an important hole on your staff. We understand this and that’s why we will work together with you, in a team effort, to expedite the search to find someone as quickly as we can. Nights, weekends, anything we have to do to speed up the process.

The most important part of executive recruiting, especially in the construction industries to make sure you are hiring an executive search firm that knows your industry. Knows the language and knows where to find the RIGHT type of candidates that can make an impact and a difference to your company.

That’s our job – hold our feet to the fire – and hold out for the best! We want to help your firm find the best talented construction executives in the country for your firm. And, together, working as a team, getting to understand your company and it’s culture so we can make sure we are looking for the right “fit” in a candidate is crucial to the overall success of the search assignment.

For over 20-years we have been helping contractors with their executive roles, so if you find yourself in an unfortunate position with an executive need within your company, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation today!

During this consultation we can discuss your unique situation and make a determination if we can help your firm. Getting to know and understand the type of leader you are looking for is crucial to understand if we can help you.

You can call us or email us and professional recruiter here at Denver Construction Recruiters will get right back to you.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

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